Signature Dawgs

Red Bean Chili Dawg

Topped with fried chicken & Diva Dawg aioli ketchup

Étouffée Chili Dawg

with crawfish

Zapp's Chip Chili Cheese Dawg

with nacho cheese

Cajun Surf & Turf

alligator sausage & crawfish étouffée

Pepperoni Pizza Dawg


Crabmeat Grill Cheesy
Sweet Fire Wings
Crawfish Étouffée Fries
Crawfish Étouffée Nachos
Homemade Fries
Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries


Créole Veggie Chili Dawg

homemade all veggies; no meat

Créole Veggie Chili Bowl
Créole Veggie Chili Fries
Créole Veggie Chili Nachos


Crown Apple Pie Bread Pudding
Praline Candy Shake

L I K E   &   F O L L O W  U S